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How can I convert Airtime to Cash?
Convert Airtime to Cash in three steps.
STEP 1: Register to automatically have an E-wallet
STEP 2: Fund your E-wallet with airtime method.
STEP 3: Withdraw Funds to any Nigeria bank.
At what rate do you convert airtime to cash?
You will be charged 30% or less of the amount you want to fund via airtime method, Percentage isn't fixed it can be reduced as less as 15% depending on the system.
How long will it take for me to recieve cash after withdrawal?
Our withdrawal process commence instantly. So withdrawing from your wallet is instant - 24hours if any network difficulties should comeup
How to fund my E-wallet?
STEP 1: Goto Fund E-wallet
STEP 2: Fill the form and selet any disired method of funding wallet.
STEP 3: Click on Fund my wallet to automatically get your wallet credited.
What's E-vocher and how can I get it?
E-voucher is a generated Pin that can br use to complete any transaction on aimtoget.
Call or Message 08109923536 to Purchase E-Voucher
Can I transfer my funds with other aimtoget user?
Yes you can. Just go to trnasfer fund and fill the required info. Fund will me transfered to the user immediately.
Is aimtoget data plan compatible with all devices?
Yes. Our internet/mobile data plan works with all devices e.g Andriod, Iphone, Blackberry(OS 10), computers, modems e.t.c. Data rollover if you re-subscribe before expiry of current plan, applicable to MTN, Glo and Airtel only.
Can I communicate with you in case I have any enquiry?
Yes, you can always reach us through our customer care line via call/sms with 08073885942 or whatsapp 08175767276
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