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Must Read: The River Moon (18+)

Published by ATG Staff 9th Jan
In the abscent mind of man,fear is instilled,sturboness isn’t courage but an escuse for truancy.

The more tremor made,the more terror ached,the more tyrany made,the more truancy enlapsed.

so heave into the state of mystery because if you don’t,you might become history.


?I gazed into the night,its a full moon and one of those nights lovers of nature would have tears in their eyes because of the beauty mother nature portray at times.

Half walking/running i couldn’t wait to get to the river,by the time i got there the beating of my heart was just as loud as the sound of croaking frogs,eventually sitting at the bank with my feet in the water.

This is one of those vacation i give myself away from my ever tasking and demanding career.

The cold was giving me chills,the quietness was heavenly,but i sensed it wasn’t destined to last as i was brought out of my trance by the sound of a hurried footstep.

”who in GOD’s name would come down here at this hour”,time check 9pm.

I got up to decipher not just the sound but what was behind it,i hadn’t taken more than 5 steps before the view changed.

The moon at its full glow,yet the glow of her beauty was more captivating.

Seeing the way she stood startled and her leg bent in a form of someone preparing for a marathon,i decided to clear the air and speak.

me:Sorry if i scared you buy i wasn’t expecting anyone here at this hour.

girl:oh,its notin but why and what are you doing here
she asked like some inspector,although i was thrown back by her beauty i still needed to make her less tensed.

me:am melekan and for your two scary questions ,am here to relax and enjoy the atmosphere what about you?
i asked seeing her puzzled look but something told me she believes my story
girl:sorry for my rude behaviour,am aanu am new in town so i had problem locating here but i just came for a glimpse of the night
the way she talked and the amount of energy she emmitts indicates she is a lover of nature,i could imagine my mouth on those succulent lips.

i started fantasasing on some events (those that chase cold away even if its first class),so i invited her to join me so we could sit together and relax.

the look on her face indicates she might have objected then i saw her tap her dress pocket lightly indicating she was trying to check up on something
me:if there is a knife in that pocket i can just jump into the river and drown than to be heard i was killed by a woman
she laughed at this and said
aanu:its either you are a wizard or a superman with x-ray vision to know i have a pocket knife.

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