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Must Read: The River Moon (18+)… Part 3

Published by ATG Staff 9th Jan
It was my boss’ cough that brought me back to my consiouceness,so embarracing my mouth was opened by my sub consious mind,yeee me? fine boy way no send person owk naa.

The meeeting went on,i tried all my best not to stare at Aanu but when our eyes meet she couldn’t help but smile i thought about what could be going on in her mind right now,then i remembered her telling me she had just moved to town.

The meeting ended and i was asked to wait back by my boss,i knew my mini drama as drawn her attention to me yet again chai Aisha my boss wasn’t going to take this lightly although most people may think am dating or having an affair with my boss but nothin of sort(quick recap on how we meet).

i was walking my own jeje after a hot afternoon of job hunting,me a computer scientist for that matter with first class upper,i was about to ask for pure water when it happened like fast and furious,a car was coming with top speed only to collide with another that was about to make a u turn,omo!! the u turning car turned somersaulting car,the occupant being Aisha.

i ran to the car when it stopped and got her out and carried her away from that spot since i knew the car would soon explode,chaii it was that day i knew american films don’t lie see fire,she was unconciouse so i had to perform a mouth to mouth breathing before the ambulance came and whisk her away,nigeria general hospital biood bank but no blood so what do day keep in there? i donated blood to her,me being a general donor after series of process i stated wondering if they won’t sell my blood because of the quantity they extracted.

to cut the long story short when she recovered i was offered employment by her dad in his company she heads.

she says i stole her first kiss and my lips could work magic sooo anytime she is angry with me! the lips help out,not forgetting she just got engaged to her long time boyfriend.

Aisha: melekan don’t tell me you have added flirting to you long list of crimes,you were practically drooling at that new employee Aanu.

me: ah an i won’t do such nah,you are my one and only sweetrat oh sorry i meant heart
Aisha:meeleekaann how many times did i call you
me : my dear its a long one but we can count it as one shaa
Aisha :get out and stay off that girl am not joking
me:owk but tell her to stay off me you know am a very gentle human being
Get out” she screamed when i tried to reach for her,i knew she was just being concerned about my well being but hey meeee the MAN himself,me and my dangling juniour have climbed mountains and hills and conqered all the road blocks this Aanu own ehn if she likes call c.


a or f.


i or even o.


c we would enter the place and not even look uche face
i was already fantasasing on how to get juniour into that one way road,of Aanu.

i hadn’t even settled down proper back on my desk before my secretary came in
sec:oga madam say you should come to her office before she opens her eyes now
me: lol did she close it when talking to you?
sec: oga you better go because she seems tensed and that new beautiful staff is with her
me: which one naa don’t kill me with half info jor
sec: i think i heard madam call her Aanu
me:ehn!!! owk but what does she want?
sec:oga how am i suppose to know naa sha go i want to go for lunch do you want me to get you anything?
me: no i’ll be just fine close my door this woman
as she walked out i thought of my sec and how caring she was,she seemed like the sister i never had.

Rushing down to Aisha’s office,i saw Aanu standing,i put up my proffessional face only to be betrayed by the wicked look on Aisha’s face.

Aisha: melekan please can you help this new staff with the java project since you seem less busy these days
me: ehn java kee you know i hate,infact i don’t like java(i paid my way to pass it at second year and suffered it with hunger strike)please let me ask kunle to help,its his area of expertise,i’ll work overtime on any other project but not this java please.

My plea didn’t seem to move her one bit, when she spoke she said Aanu would help me with it,it was then i got the picture,she didn’t want me to flirt with Aanu so she brought the java notion to make me feel inferior and make her less attracted to me chaiii Aishaaa girls ehn wicked plan full una head i think i should just write my will because this was going to be a suicide toture i can sense it.
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30th Jan
Very nice stroy

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