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Must Read: The River Moon (18+)… Part 2

Published by ATG Staff 9th Jan
Me:i guess the superman but hey,i don’t bite lets just sit and enjoy the serenity of the atmosphere.

Aanu:owk but promise not to touch me.

me:on my life if i don’t touch you i fork up.

she opened her eyes wider like someone trying to project bulb out of a lampholder,i just laughed and told her i was joking at this she laughed but in my mind i was like[you still day laugh nah owk oo if i handle you finish nah vibration you go day with hmmmm hmmm hmm hmm hmm].

We sat in silence for what seems like hours,then she said it was time for her to go.

me:owk but i must walk you home,this town is very dangerous and you can’t handle most of the guys even with that pocket knife.

Aanu:owk melekan but how do i handle myself from you.

me:are you scared of me? i asked with a frowning face.

Aanu:yeap,what type of name is melekan self,i know of olalekan,olamilekan but not melekan,so whats your story?
i offered to walk and talk soon we were away from the river part.

me:melekan is the name i forged from quarrels with my mum
me:my mum was fond of calling me olamilekan but i kept telling her not to privatize my name with the”mi”then one day she said\whats the mi self has to do with lekan ah\i told her its me- lekan.

that was how the name stuck
She laughed at this but didnt comment,i tried to starting conversations with her trying to know her but she was mature to wade off some of my questions.

Aanu:owk melekan i think i’ll be owk from here.

me:nibo? lai lai.

i don’t wana wake up to tommorrows paper and have the headline that you have been brutally beaten pls oh
Aanu:owk melekan,you sha wana know my house lets go oo

On getting to her house,i was expecting her to invite me in but she didn’t i guess she is still scared of me.

me:owk aanu see you when i see you.

good night
Aanu:owk ooo melekan hmua goodnight and sweetdreams.

me:yeapzy,my dream would be sweet gan but it would have you in it.

Aanu:hey somebody should not dream about me oh.

goodnight sha
I walked home alone with the wind blowing hard,i looked up at the sky,its going to rain.

Any time the rain falls overnight i sleep over,even since my secondary school days,monday morning for that matter and am still on bed at 9am,struggling to get up to perform my morning higen,got dressed and drove to work without my breakfast,traffic was even crazier that morning and people kept having collitions,dramas where playing and english was flying from victims mouth.

on getting to work late as usual my boss was sitted with my secretary and the look on her face says it all.

i knew her next choice of words would consist of the regular preachings,my secretary was busy smiling at me because she knew my next line of action.

i stretched my hand,pulled her closer and gave her a kiss right on the lips ,she just smiled and went her way and me finding my way to my office not after winking at my secretary.

sec:oga you have a meeting by 12 and all the board of directors would be there
me:owk dear but can you help me with brekfast uefa is playing in my stomach
sec:ah ogaa should i ask madam to bring you food?
me:madam koo madonna ni get me food jor
she ran out of my office and in the blink of an eye she brougth my breakfast and left again,after which i ate and worked on some files at the same time.

12 NOON and my secretary came to pick the disposables and rwemind me of the meeeting.

i got up tidied my desk and went to the confrence hall and again am the last to arrive.
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