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Must Read: The Kevlar’s Emergency Fiancee… Part 2

Published by ATG Staff 1st Feb
A Story Written By Larabae13…
Violet came out of the kevlar building and went to the parking lot to get her run down car.

she got in and turned on the heater, her phone rang then she smiled as she picked the call.

you get it?” Said the voice from the phone.

“Calm down Lizzy, I got it.

” She replied.

She heard excited voices underneath congratulating her on her Job “Lizzy, I thought you were at school.

” “Yes I was but I’m low on cash so I came home to badger Dad to give me some.

” Lizzy answered
from the phone.

“Pass the phone to Dad” Violet said to her.


” She heard her Dad said from the phone.

“Dad, we’re going to save the house.

” She said as she felt tears coming to her eyes.

“I’m going to do my job and save the house and farm from foreclosure.

” She sniffed.

“Oh darling, you need to start taking care of yourself and not me or the house or the farm.

You’re a young woman, you have to stop worrying.

The house and farm can go but you can’t, Violet.

” Her father said.

“I know you love that farm, Dad.

It’ll break you to see it go to the hands of the bank, it’ll break Mother too.

I’ll do anything to get the money and don’t think you can change my mind father.

” She said back to her father who sighed and shook his head where he sat thinking that Violet has always been stubborn just like him.

“Alright Violet, we’ll talk about this again when we see.

” “Ok Dad, send my love to mother.

” She hung up and placed her head on the steering wheel of her car for some seconds, then she put her head up and started the car driving out of the kevlar building.

 Monday morning came bright and early with Violet already up before the alarm rang.

She made herself some coffee and went to have her bath, as she was choosing between the coat to where on her clothes her doorbell rang.

She chose the deep blue coat and went to anwer the door.

“You’re almost late Max.

Some minutes more and I would have left without you.

” She said
to her younger brother who was to be her assistant with her work.

“I’m not late sis, it’s not even 7am yet.

” He said as he came into the room.

” pack all these to the car and let’s go.

We need to be there before the truck for the tree comes.

” She said pointing to the decorations she bought yesterday.

They got into the car when they finished packing the decorations into the boot of her car then they got going.

They got to the Kevlar building and got to work immediately.

 James walked in to the company with his phone pressed to his ear as he was talking to one of his friends.

He stopped short at the lobby when he saw that the lobby had been transformed into a christmas wonderland.

There was a huge christmas tree in the middle of the lobby decorated with loads of decorations on it, he chuckled as he saw the receptionist nodding to the carol playing softly out of th speakers.

He nodded and smiled to his employees as he walked
to the elevator.

“Goodmorning sir” his secretary greeted as he walked out of the elevator.

“Goodmorning Brenda, I see that we’ve been catapulted into a christmas town.

” He smiled at her as he talked.

“Yes sir, miss Violet is wonderful.

She did a good job of the Lobby.

” She  answered.

“Where is she now?” He asked as he settled in his office.

“She’s at the second floor


” “Alright, what is my schedule for today?” “You have a Video conference with the switzerland and italy representatives in an hour time.

” “Good, get me the files you’ve finished

” “Right away sir.

” He got himself deep in work and surfaced later for lunch.

He went to the
second floor to check on Violet and was pleased with what he saw.

He greeted the remaining staffs who hasn’t gone for lunch and moved to where Violet stood checking her handiwork.

“You do good work, Violet.

I’m impressed.

” He said and smiled down at her making her blush.

“Thank you James.

” “Since you’re through, I’d like to take you out for lunch.

” “Oh, hope I won’t
be a burden? I could eat here…” “No excuses, let’s go.

” Violet shrugged and went to get her coat.

They walked for some few blocs before settling down in a restaurant.

They ordered and
started some small talks.

“Why decorations?” He asked as they were eating.

“I studied business
management at Oxford, but I went into decorating because I love it.

” She answered and then asked him.

“Thanksgiving is on saturday, what are your plans?”.

“Well, I’m not going home for
thanksgiving, I’ve got many ends to tie up before going home for the chistmas gathering.

” He answered.

A thought came to her mind “Would you like to come to my home for thanksgiving?
It’s not a Kevlar gathering but we’ve got a turkey for thanksgiving.

” She smiled at him.

He grinned at her “why not? I’d be glad to come.

” “Great, the house isn’t that big and fancy but we
do alright.

” She explained.

“You don’t need to tell me all this, I’m not choosy I’m actually grateful for your invitation.

” He said as he held her hands in his.

Violet jumped a little as James’
hand touched hers, with her eyes widen and her cheeks pink and then she shook her head to try and get herself together by saying in her head it was just a touch.

 Thanksgiving day was a busy day for Violet.

She helped her mother in the cooking while
trying not to be nervous about James that was coming.

Her two brothers and her sister started
speculating and giving Violet many wild imaginations about how her boss is going to behave at
the table.

“This Turkey isn’t crisp enough! Why is it like that Violet?” They mimicked trying to make Violet laugh but she just shook her head and left.

The doorbell rang some minutes after she finished dressing, she opened the door and smiled at James.

“You’re prompt, come in it’s cold outside.

I hope this place wasn’t hard to find?” She said to him.

“Thank you.

It wasn’t hard
to find.

” He answered as he stepped in to the house.

He glanced around the house noticing that
it looked homey and the christmas decoration looked like all the family pitched in to do it making it look more special, he could smell the wafting aroma of the turkey which made his mouth water.

“You’ve got a beautiful home here, Violet.

” “Thank you, let me introduce you to
the bunch.

” She said and led him to the family room.

He heard laughter and excited voices which made him miss his family more.

They stepped into the family room and Violet started the
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