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Must Read: “My Story” By Gentkiss “Season 2… Part 6

Published by boffin 14th Nov
Written By Gentkiss???? (Whatsapp:07061306478) I flashed back to how really grandpa was to me *Flashback* Me: Papa!! Papa!! Come and use ur drugs Grandpa: I don’t want to only sick people use drugs Me: ,Aigooo pls take Dis Grandpa: I won’t use Dis again oooo cuz it bitter Me: should I dissolve it inside auger solution Grandpa: laughing u can do dat d drug won’t work *In The Afternoon With Grandpa* Grandpa: hey come and take ur phone u have a call Me: papa wus on the call Grandpa: Bukola….


Hmmm ur girlfriend.


Don’t worry I will talk to her u hear … Me : (running to the dinning to Collet my phone ) papa don’t pick it is my class member we have a meeting she said I should teach her math Grandpa:,heeeh.


U of all people!!!! Steven inko Me : am more brilliant than Steven Grandpa: (coughing) u heart attack better no ur place *The Day I Have A Fight With Mum* Mum: come here u Dis naughty boy!!! (Carrying a tunning stick chasing me) Me: mummy pls running to meet grandpa (hugging grandpa Grandpa : mummy kelvin stop chasing the boy bring the omorogun (collecting it) I was satisfied Grandpa held me and said Grandpa : u dis boy u don’t listen to simple instructions (raised up d stick ) Held him and he wiped me *When me Grandpa with Daddy at Mr Biggs* Grandpa: what are u going to buy Me: pointing at the big chicken in the show glass Grandpa : pls I want to buy dis for my grandson The price is
more than wat we have so he collected my
guiter from me and went out side I followed him he sat on our car and
stated singing Grandpa: hey people I need money repeated that till our money complete *All Grandpa done for me* Grandpa was a
lot to me he taught me how to play guitar
he discover d music in me he told me to find
myself ….
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