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[TO ALL FEMALE READERS] 10 Forms Of Boyfriend Every Girl Is Seemingly Destined To Date

Published by Staff_KMS 13th Nov 2017

We’ve all been through a few of these until we found the one.

1. The middle school boyfriend.

That one boy you “dated” in middle school for two months when hugging was a big deal. When you broke up with him and had your friend tell him in the lunch room and then you never spoke about it after.

2. The one who thought the world revolved around him.

You’re guaranteed to date that one guy who walks around like his shit don’t stink and that thinks there should be a red carpet laid out for him wherever he walks. Bye Felicia.

3. The one you like to forget.

Whether he was weird, creepy, ugly, lazy, whatever it is, we all date that one guy who we wish to forget about. You have no idea what was going through your head at the time. “Remember when you dated…” nope don’t remember wasn’t me G2G.

4. The rebound.

And following your first love is the rebound! Woo!!!!

5. The nice guy that was more of a friend.

There’s always that guy you’re pretty attracted to, flirt with a little, but then you start dating and there’s just no spark at all. It’s super awkward all the time and you have no idea how to end things.

6. The boyfriend that isn’t your boyfriend but really is.

Ladies, we all have ’em. It’s the tall handsome guy you see on your way to the dining hall every day and you freak out whenever you see him, but you know you’ll literally never talk to him.

7. The one that Snapchats you every day after you break up.

You get Snapchats from him at 2 a.m. “Hey wyd,” “hey baby.”

YEAH, it’s a no from me.

8. The jackass everyone told you not to date.

If you haven’t dealt with one of these, you’re lucky. You were warned 372474 times he wasn’t a nice guy, but you wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and believe he was nice. In reality, he was the worst.

9. The one you stayed with wayyy too long.

Things were over way before you broke up with him. You had more problems than you had Ls since you started college and you have literally no idea why you stayed with him for so long.

10. The one.

The one your parents think is a keeper, your grandma loves him, your siblings get along with him, and even your weird, old uncle loves him. You know he’s the one, take this lightly, and you’re meant to be with him because for once, things feel right. You get b*tterflies every time you see him and know things are meant to be.

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