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Things You Are Doing That Kill You And You Don't Seem To Know

Published by Staff_KMS 12th Oct 2017

We are all familiar with the Biblical saying that there are ways that seems right in the eyes of men but, the end is destruction. This is very true in the sense that most a times we become so comfortable with certain way of life that we see as being “Normal” and Ok, we tend to look behind those little but vital things that are crucial to our well being.

In this very post, I shall be discussing some of these issues.

1. You Are Trying To Be Someone Else:

Your life could be a mess simply because you have abandoned “You” for a pseudo life and you just may not know it yet.
You see, having someone as a mentor is quite different from copying and trying to be Exactly like someone. It gets worst when you are doing it to please Others or Some persons. There is nothing as awesome as being oneself, take your time today and rediscover who you are, learn You!, live You! and love You!. Remember, ”Being yourself in a world that is constantly changing is a Virtue “.

2.You Are Not In Talking Terms With God:

Having a good relationship/Communication with God does not necessarily mean that we have to be as righteous as a Saint?! The holy Books made it clear that as humans we are bound to cross the red lines so to say, and God as Divine and Immortal is always there to understand.

Now, I don’t want to sound too religious because am Not but, the truth is that cutting off communication with God probably as a result of our shortcomings, that you now see it as normal, is very detrimental to our well being as a person.

Believe it or not, God remains the author and finisher of our faith and by extension, our fate.

Communicate with him from time to time and your life will be a lot more better.

3.You Say More Than Enough:

Speaking as a form of communication is something that we do every now and then, with friends, family and Acquaintances. There is absolutely nothing wrong with engaging people in discussions but, the question is how healthy are the things that come out of your mouth?

It all depends on knowing what to say and saying what you know!. We must understand that not every discussion is worth contributing to and not every of our contribution is worth exaggerating and Expanding. Silence they say is golden but it doesn’t mean you should be a dummy when you know you have something meaningful to chip in. I am of the opinion that we must learn when to speak and when to stop speaking, Very important.

4.You Dress Wrongly:

I won’t fail to write on this as it has become a big time issue in our society today. Our dressing is a determining factor in so many ways, it goes with the saying that ‘we are addressed by the way we dress. 

Let’s get this straight, you don’t need to have like two wardrobes of clothes before you are able to dress fine, one can have two pairs of cloth and still look good and smart any other day. Dressing well has to do with knowing when to wash your clothes, iron them so that you can readily put them on to whatever place you wish to go. 

Know when to take them to the tailor for adjustment, to fit in to your size properly while giving you the needed space within. Know the type of cloth to wear to a particular function such as Weeding ceremony, book launching, Seminars and so on. Learn to look neat and smart not because I said so but, because your well being is dependent on it. Trust me.

5.You Don’t Rest Properly:

There are many approach to understanding the word ‘Rest’, I choose to write about Sleep as the ultimate way of having a good rest. Not having a good sleep robs our bodies of much needed resource and time to process the food we have eaten, according to experts, most of us need between seven(7) to eight (hours of sleep nightly. Growing children and adolescents need even more. We need to stop giving the excuse of having so much academic stuffs to handle or our job/work being too demanding that we have to skip having a proper night's rest. The question is are these things more important than your health? The answer is unarguably NO, any engagement that denies you of sleep up to seven hours daily is not really Worth it, yes you read right! We must take our rest very important especially night rest and allow our body system the required resources and time to operate most effectively.

6.You don’t Exercise:

Many people, especially in Africa, Pay less attention to body exercises. Some of us only engage in exercise when it becomes a matter of life and death, like your Doctor has Advised you to start doing it to stay out of a certain health problem.

Human beings are made to walk, run, jump as well as lift up objects from one place to another due to the structure of our muscles and joints which are built to allow these natural activities and movement with ease and strength.

The truth is that without exercise, our muscles and joints starts atrophy. The results are not usually instant, it takes time before one realizes He/She is not feeling good physically like before.
Most times we are also psychologically affected and our self esteem is greatly affected too.

Professionals recommend at least 25 minutes daily exercise of our body (ideally in the morning). Proper exercise is very different from engaging in strenuous jobs/work that we sweat profusely.

There are many ways we could have our body exercise such as Jogging, Running, Dancing, playing football or other sporting activity as well as some little but effective muscular workouts that could be done even in the comfort of your apartment. Boost your confidence and body flexibility by starting exercise today and save yourself from unforeseen health issues.

Did I miss some points??? I will love to hear from you. Please use the comment box below and share with us your Contributions and Views.

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